A new kind of captcha... more secure and useful than others.

How useful?

Instead of only checking if an answer comes from a Robot, we ask users to answer meaningful questions about your product. That way you can get some feedback at same time you protect your form submissions.

How a feedcaptcha looks like

How a feedcaptcha looks like

...and answer the question below (that is the captcha!)
Yes, the captcha is a survey created by you, about your product.

What feature do you want to see first?



We have created a new 2 way safety system to grant no bot will submit stuff to your form.


Create different questions and answers for each form you have and manage them using our dashboard.

Easy to use

Install the widget copying the code we provide you when you create the Captcha and pasting it to your form. Add advanced security using together our API in your backend.


Have a Captcha content relevant to your public and product. No more "find the road" in your contact form.


We provide you charts so you can follow each captcha, the amount of submissions, the percentage of each answer, etc.


Test different questions for your users, randomically for any form you choose.